Salutations: To All You Animal Loving Friends

It is not our game to beg for money, but some people would love to help us maintain a safe environment, for a few rescued dogs, cats, chickens and llamas.

Up till now we have used our elegant Teacup and Toy Maltese’s, to help pay for the rest of the visitors.

i am not able to do all the work so I need to pay for help to  feed, water, groom  animals, cleans stalls,s hoofs, weeds in the garden, harvest the fruits. Fences always in need of repair. Hay to be bucked, corn to be shucked

There is milking to do, or grand champion line of LaMancha goats, feed all the babies, and animals that need to be nursed back to health.

Our chickens provide protein to the cats, which inturn, keeps the barn free of rats.

Eggs sales also keep the coats of the farm dogs shinny and smooth. While the dogs keep guard by night and day from predators. (cougars, coyotes, bears, & strays etc…)

Our llama’s protect the sheep and goats.

There is a circle of life, taking place on this farm.

We all cohabitate on 20 acres on a dirt road way back in the woods.

Many visiters call this the WILDERNES. smile.

Just a few dollars will purchase a bail of hay (We go through 4 bails a day.) or a little grain. ( buckets and bussels, day by day and week by week)

Medications, vaccinations, maintanence materials, hammer and nails, fencing and gas for the trucks, just to name a few things that are a must.

A new barn is needed, a new pump in the well, the chicken coop is bursting at the seams. This is where we now can yell HELP!

ON and On the list goes on and on...Would you like to join in the dance??? Just a few dollars, are you willing to take a chance.

There is never a day goes by that someone does not call and ask if we would take in a fair feathered friend, or a puppy to mend, a cat that is lost, a horse that is in pain, a goat with no name.


Want to pitch in on the farm in this way???

I guarantee, it will make your day!!!


 THANK YOU! (With all of our hearts!)

If you wish to make a donation with PayPal, simply put


as the recipient.


If you send me money, please make checks (US funds) payable to:

Sweet Shimas
DEER PARK, Wa 99006

Mark on the memo portion of the check: "Rescue donation". Sorry, they're not tax deductible, but we hope to be soon. If you're not in the United States, the best way to send money is either (1) Have your bank provide you a bank check drawn in US funds on a US bank, and mail that, or (2) send e-mail to get wire transfer information.

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