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"Better Go Now"

Better go now is a phrase that you can use to get your dog or puppy to go to the bathroom when and where you want him to. It's easy to teach him, but some dogs take longer than others to understand.

As with all training, try to be patient, positive, and consistent. Begin by taking your dog to a place that you would like him to go. This should be a positive experience for both of you and your dog should be rewarded with praise, treats, or both.

  Here's how to teach it:



• Starting when you first get your pup or dog, every time your dog eliminates outside where you want him to, say "Better go now".

• If you say it every time he goes, he will eventually associate going to the bathroom with the words, "Better go now". Be sure to say those words every time and everyday that he goes to the bathroom. Later you can say, "Better go now"and he will!

• Be sure that you always praise your dog every time he goes, if it is at the right time and in the right place.

  Please don't forget that it is the law in most places and just plain good manners to clean up after your pet when you are out in public. Just use a bag to pick it up and throw it away! It's easy and it's no big deal.




 cool dog with sunglasses TIP:
The best way to pick up your dog's mess is to use a grocery bag. Here's how to do it the cool way: Put your hand into the bag, like a glove. Pick up the mess. Then turn the bag inside out. The mess will be in the bottom of the bag and your hand is perfectly clean! Cool!


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