Home care to have ready the first day:

You and your parents should get your house ready before your pup comes home. Puppy-proofing your house will keep your new pup safe from danger.
 Puppy-proof your house:
1. Make sure cords and wires are not where your dog can reach them.
2. Place trash in cupboards or have your parents get trash cans with lids.
3. Ask your folks to remove dangerous liquids, like cleaners and antifreeze.
4. Clear off tables that your pup might reach.

 Food & water dishes:


Separate dishes that are difficult to tip over are recommended. Wash separately from household dishes to help prevent disease transmitted to humans. Even though these conditions are rare, it is best to practice good hygiene from the first day.


Depending on the hair coat, either a soft hair brush , or we suggest the Detangler comb, that you can see on our site.  Their bristles twist and turn so that there is less chance of pulling the hair when combing it.  You will love the Detangler once you try it.



Dog beds are available, but it may be best to wait until the puppy is larger to accommodate the size bed. A soft blanket or towel will suffice for the beginning.

Our Puppies love to snuggle into these Donut beds. It makes them feel secure and safe.

Sweet Shimas, will send a small cushy blanket home with you, in your puppies care package.

TIP:  On the first day. if you put your clothes into his/her bed it will help them to bound to your family quicker.

 Collar & Leash:


It is never too early to train your puppy to accept a collar.

Sweet Shimas suggest that you use a body harness instead of a collar.  Many collars are available today that are adjustable to allow for growth. Consult your veterinarian about the safest collar to use. Collars also provide a place to put forms of identification such as a tag with your name and phone number.

TIP:  A tiny cat bell placed on his/her collar will help keep your pet out of trouble, and will help that they do not get stepped on. OUCH!

Sweet Shimas puts harness on most of our clothing, like dresses, coats, jackets, soft dog carriers...


Sweet Shimas uses Dawn for dishes (blue one), but if you choose, you can consult your veterinarian, about the safest shampoo for your puppy. Puppies can be bathed every two weeks for cleanliness and fleas. Your veterinarian can provide handouts on proper bathing for puppies.

Be sure to put cotton in their ears when bathing, to keep your puppy from developing an inner ear infection.  Then let him/her shake his/her head after the bath, this will get a lot of the water out of the inner ears.

 Puppy food:

We suggest a premium type of puppy food, such as TASTE OF THE WILD PUPPY FOOD FOR SMALL BREEDS. The chunks are extremely small and there is no chance that the puppy will chock on the food.

Tiny teeth deserve tiny bites packed with nutritious ingredients for optimal growth and development.

If you have a costco card their puppy food, NATURE'S DOMAIN is excellent and the price is right. 15.99 for 20 lbs

  • Grain-free: This formula provides your special pet with optimal nutrition for overall good health. This formula is an excellent chocie for all puppies, especially puppies that are sensitive to grains.
  • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA): Added salmon oil supplies DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that supports proper brain and eye development.
  • Antioxidants: Guaranteed levels of vitamin E and selenium work together to support your dog's healthy lifestyle.
  • Small Kibble: Growing puppies benefit from small kibble that is easier to pick up and chew.

It is imperative that you DO NOT feed your Shima IMAS.  We have found this brand to be too rich for the tiny teacup breed of dog.


In the wild, dogs and wolves live in dens or caves. Puppies come to view the crate as their "den" or "hideaway" for rest and seclusion. Think of the crate much as a crib for a baby to keep your pet out of harm's way. The crate is also helpful in housebreaking the puppy.

We suggest a baby play pen or play yard for the first few weeks, when you are away from home. This will help the puppy, so he/she will be able to go potty on the potty pad, and allows him/her to eat and drink while you are away. Usually a small crate will fit in to the playpen, nicely. (removing the door from the crate is very important.)

We buy them at garage sales for $5.00, a little Clorox, and Walla!

What we use at Sweetshimas is the play yard.  The puppies are used to this yard and usually do not cry after moving to a new home because the yard is just like being at home.  Be sure to get the 24" high yard so you can easely reach in for cleaning.  Also the yard can fold into a small area and you can put the potty pad, dog food and water, and bed with toys in the small area.  Pens have 8 panels and can fold up into a 4' by 2' is the perfect size for any room.

24 x 24 8 Panel Pen Exercise

 Puppy Toys:

Sweet Shimas always provides your puppy's first toy.

Shima puppies have had problems with toys from the doggy section of the store.  The dye is different on the puppy toys, then on the children's toys.

Soft cushy rattles are the best.  We wash our toys every day in hot soapy Clorox water. So every day our puppies get a clean set of toys.  We usually put 4 to 5 toys at a time in their play yard.

Toys with mirrors are always a big hit. (Be careful that your use only cushy toys, at first.)

 Wellness Exams:

Sweet Shimas asks to have your new pappy, to his first well vet check, within the first 7 days.

A well vet check on a new puppy should be FREE!

Most vets will give you the first visit for free, this helps your new puppy get used to his new vet, and lets your vet get a good eye's view, of your new bundle of joy.

Give your pup some water right away if he's thirsty.

Wait and give your dog some food after he has been home for a while and is feeling more comfortable.

Don't forget to let him outside every time he drinks or eats. See Housebreaking Your Dog for tips.

The First Day

When people bring their puppy home for the first time, it is usually their first instinct to want to cuddle and hold them.  While being affectionate to your puppy is important, on the first day it is also important to let your puppy socialize and become familiar with his new environment.  This will be it's new home and it should have a chance to get used to its surroundings. 

Don´t leave him alone!

Just make sure not to leave him alone!  All you need to do is follow him wherever he wants to go and keep a keen eye on him.  If there are any rooms in your home that you do not want your new puppy to get into, close those doors!  You don't want your puppy's first day to include a lot of "no's" and whisking him away into another area.  He may get confused!     


Your pup will probably need to go to the bathroom soon after he arrives. It would be a good idea to take him outside before he begins to explore your home. Praise him when he goes.

You also might want to invest in some puppy pads just in case your new puppy has an accident.  Make sure your take your puppy out often so he learns he needs to go outside.  Praise him when he goes so he learns the proper place to use the bathroom.  Don't chastise your puppy if he does have an accident, especially on the first day.  He needs to learn that his new home is a place where he can feel safe and relaxed - not scared! 

Positive reinforcement for your dog

Lots of positive reinforcement will help your new puppy to learn to use the bathroom outside in no time.  Remember, puppies' bladders are small - although there may be lots of trips outside or many accidents, as your new puppy grows these will diminish.  Just be patient! 

After it has been home for a little while give it some food and water and be sure and take your puppy outside after it eats. 

Try not to have many loud noises as this may frighten your puppy.  It is important on this first day to be kind and gentle to your pup as this is a sudden change for him.  Your pup should feel safe and secure his first day in his new home.  Many people want to show off their new puppy to friends and family when they get it.  This should wait until later when the pup feels more comfortable in it's new home.  This is a stressful time for it and he may need some time to adjust. 

You should also wait for any kind of training until your pup has had time in his new home.  Just remember to give your dog plenty of love and attention.

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