All Shima's started from

The Sweet Shima's Down line.

Many years ago, a husband and wife team, Judy and James Christensen, had a little accident, and to their amazement, the most beautiful, healthy, joyous puppies were born.

Judy and Jim were older and very ill at the time, and because
I was so hooked on the cross, they made me promise
to propagate this beautiful new breed.

At that time they were just in the "what do we want stages",
none of the dogs were registered, so I went to work.

FIRST:   I gave the breed the name of Shima.
SECOND: I registered all of Judy & Jim's dogs (ALL AKC STOCK), and then I was able to register the "SHIMA" down line, (Which we still have in our stock today).

THIRD:   What would a Shima look like? We decided, health was the main issue of concern.

We breed for 5 years, Before we started to sell our shimas in 1996.  Working closely with our Vet, Taking the best from ALL TWELVE breeds, and creating a healthy loving little lap dog.

NO yappy dogs for us, non shedding, strong boned...

(Judy helped with all decisions until her passing in 2009.)

(Jim passed in 2003.)


Ms Lisa:  our very first Shima breeder.







Since the year 1996, with the help of many other breeders, we have been able to breed Shima to Shima. We were excited beyond belief.

Shima's are very loyal, great family pets. Protective, intelligent, and they are playful for many years.

Children of all ages are able to enjoy this delightful breed.

We found by breeding, twelve commonly inbreed breeds, that there was a profound effect on their imperfections.

These imperfections, had been created, by the practice of
inbreeding and down line breeding.

Due to our vigilance and proper breeding practices,
these imperfections are now, virtually non-existent.

So the game was on.
What did we like best in the twelve breeds?
And what would be our goals in creating a healthy,
beautiful, companion breed of dogs?

Our Goals:


Human hair would work out great, no shedding, no allergic reaction by the more sensitive pet owners. Managing tangling, grooming, and the length that the hair would grow, became our objectives. 

Texture of the hair became a priority, losing the harsher coats and creating a lush silky easy to manage coat.

 The Shima’s hair is not like any of the breeds we use; it has a way of its own. Shima’s hair is Softer, and fluffier, then either of these twelve breeds. Some
have curly hair from the cocker spainel and the poodle breeds.

  Color of Hair:

We like color, the more the better, there are now Reds, Browns, Grays, Silvers, Black, Blue, White, Golden, Creams, Brindles, and any combination
of these, some even having up to 5 different colors on one coat.


We are also working on the Solid colors, with Black masks.
They come in red, and chocolate, also brown and white.
Brindles are now commonplace here at Sweet Shimas.com

are chameleon in that they change colors every winter and summer, depending on the length of their hair.
If you let the hair grow out, it will drape to the floor.


 We have one dog, that received his first tangle after he was 8 months old. But when the snow came, I could not keep him out of it, so he did get some tangles.

Choo Choo Twain is now in our breeding line up, his coat
should give us a boost in the quality of their hair.
Soft Teeth

We needed strong healthy teeth that would last our Shima's a lifetime. We have constant vigilance in this regard.

In regards to the canine teeth, we bombarded our Veterinarian with every question under the sun.

We now have 9-year-old Shima's with all of their teeth still intact. Under bites was a real problem from some of the breeds.

So every breeder, is carefully examined though out its development,
in order, that the under bite would be long gone in the Shima's history.

***In the fight for strong healthy teeth, we are succeeding!


No more snorting:

The Shih-tzu is a (pekingese-lsasa apso) cross from 1957 and had a common problem with the nasal passages being much to small,
which caused havoc for the poor dears.
When they would get excited, that snorting would rear its ugly head.

In some cases this would cause the dog in question, to even loose consciousness.
This is from the restriction of the air passage to the brain. This cross
is no longer allowed on air lines, because of the fatality rate when on a plane.


*** This snorting is no longer a problem with the Shima's.
We now find relatively few Shima's that have any problems of this kind.
We are very careful, not to breed this snorting,
back into our precious Shima's.

  Adoring Manner:

Shima's have a very calm manner.
They are playful, joyous, loyal, and a bundle of joy to children of all ages.

Traveling with these delightful dogs is a rich experience.


Many of our Shima's are sold as companions to the elderly,
and to the world travelers, because of their eager to please

These Shims are not a yappy, hyper breed of dog, quite the contrary. Oh you can be sure they will bark when an intruder is present, but they quickly calm down, when their owner's just whispers HUSH to them.

***They love to travel, and the feedback I mostly receive, is how they go everywhere that their owners go.

Even into restaurants. (some peoples kids)

 Shima's are just wonderful.

Each puppy takes on his or her owner's likes and dislikes. Mine eat
string beans, oranges, blackberries and carrots, apples, sweet potatioes, all squashes, peas, broccoli, strawberries, banana, NO grapes. If you can eat the vegetable or the fruit so can they. Every day we feed yogurt and tomato juice (EVERYDAY).

Larger Eyes:

We are also trying to develop the larger eyes. (Not as big as the Pekinese's and Lhasa Opso eyes are because these eyes have a tendancy to pop out of the socket),  but not as small, as some of the other breeds we use, like the poodle.  Shima eyes are JUST RIGHT!!!

Everyone Loves A Wide Eyed Puppy!

Body Length:
On the coupling, we have been breeding in the longer coupling.
This is not just a matter of personal preference.
The short couplers have a much harder time delivering their puppies. And many puppies are born dead or deformed.  So hands down we needed to bring the body length out about 1 inch.

Leg Height:

We have been working on the shorter legs of the Pekinese, Lhaso Apso,
as opposed to the long lanky legs of the Poodle.

Stronger Bones:

Some of these breeds have very frail bones, and we made the decision that
the Shimas needed stronger bones.
As we are working to bring the breed into teacup and toy size,

it is important to us, that the tiny dogs have a larger, stronger, bone structure.

Shima's Weight:

We use 7-10 LB females and 4-5 LB males.
We only bread the 7-10 LB females, because whelping is hard on the tiny girls, and I am not willing to take a chance with their lives.

The Shima's size will usually run anywhere from 3-9 LB full grown.

We can usually tell by the time the puppies are 8 weeks old,
just about how much they will weigh in one year.

The Shima females, are usually fully grown, between the ages of
8-12 months.

A male will come in to his maturity around 6 months old,
but some of the tinier males can take up to one year to mature. But males MUST be fixed by 5 months old or they will mark territory.

Well: have I given you enough information yet?








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